About Us

Hi There!

We're Sorella Farm, a family owned and operated quilt shop located in Woodland, WA. As sisters we grew up surrounded by sewing and crafts, spending many happy hours beneath quilt frames and sewing our own clothing. After being separated for a time as we each followed our individual  journey through life, we're thrilled that our paths have once again merged...reuinited by our quest to open our very own quilt store and renew the joy of sewing that defined our childhood.

The process of creating, especially through quilting and sewing, fills our lives with so much joy, we want to share it with others. Whether we're helping customers with fabric selection, offering project advice, or sharing in their satisfaction of completing a quilt, we love every minute of it!

We're not just a trusted source for high quality fabric and quilting supplies, we're also a gathering place...a retreat for fellow quilting and sewing enthusiasts who'd like to join us to learn, create, share and mingle. After all...at Sorella Farm, we're planting inspiration and harvesting memories!

~ Debbie & Shelly